E.Max Restorations

Monolithic E.max is hand waxed and pressed full contour or CAD/CAM processed; stained, glazed and polished. This material, combined with a dedicated and experienced team, produces an impressive outcome.
Layered E.max is hand waxed and pressed or CAD/CAM processed, cut-back and hand layered for increased translucency and natural shading. 
Request pressed-to-zirconia (ZIR-PRESS) for bridge cases or layered for veneers and crowns.
All-Ceramics ADA CODES:
D2740 Crown
D2610 Inlay for 1 surface
D2620 Inlay for 2 surfaces
D2630 Inlay for 3 surfaces
D2962 Labial Veneer
D2783 Crown 3/4 Porcelain Ceramic (does not include veneers)
D6245 Pontic Porcelain/Ceramic